Benefits of living in Marbella area

Benefits of living in Marbella areaIn choosing a real estate everything is about location. And Marbella’s area fits the most sophisticated criteria on the property market in the world.

Its mild Mediterranean climate has a unique combination of the sunny days and stable comfortable temperatures. During the year, temperatures range from 9°C to 29°C and are rarely below 5°C or above 34°C. And most of the time the temperature stays in the range of 20-30 degrees.

The surroundings are well known thanks to local healing fresh sea air, which will be useful for both kids and grownups.

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Local seasonal fruits and veggies are grown in the eco farmed areas and provide excellent taste and tons of nutrition, your body needs. The same is true for a local sea-food, cheese and meat deli selection. The food here provides one of the best-balanced diets in the whole world.

But besides cooking at home, the area is full of top-class restaurants, run by high star chefs, representing both Spanish and worldwide cuisines, and a great wine selection. So the area is excellent for food tourists also.

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Actually pretty much everything you might need, like shops, schools, restaurants are located in a nearby area. And the area is a very kid-friendly, neighboring educational and leisure facilities for children of all ages. It’s filled with zoos & wildlife parks, among which one of the must do visits with kids might be to Gibraltar Zoo.

The Marbella area provides extraordinary recreational options. You’ll find plenty of  golf clubs, tennis courts, surfing and kite-surfing locations, equitation facilities, swimming and fitness clubs. The coastline is singed with sand-beaches from Malaga to the ocean-coasted city of Tarifa.

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Its great location provides quick access to the points of interest in Malaga, Granada and Sevilla, as well as the cliff of Gibraltar. As well as during winter season – to the ski resorts in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

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And if you are willing to continue the journey further — the airports in Marbella and especially in Malaga give great departure and connection opportunities. For journeys inside Spain you may choose a network of high-speed railway service. Its trains reach to locations, like Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Leon and Santiago de Compostela. For example, a trip to the capital of Madrid will take you less than 3 hours with new AVE Renfe trains that can reach the speed of up to 300 km per hour.

Plus you’ll observe the remarkable views during all your journeys.

All together this makes life here a truly holistic living experience. That’s why among the residents of the Marbella area there are young and elderly families, representing communities from all over the world.

Marbella’s terrain gives a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a sea view property in different locations of the neighborhood.

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Living here guarantees the complete safety of your property, since the territory is under round-the-clock security. Besides, you will have the opportunity to socialize among the successful and wealthy neighbors.

Also, it is very important that real estate in and around Marbella is an excellent investment that will only be increasing its value in the future. But more about that — in the article about Marbella’s investment opportunities.